Tablet Coating Machine

A tablet coating machine is a machine that coats the surface of tablet dosage forms with a thin layer of coating material that is mostly dry. This gives coated tablets certain advantages over uncoated ones. It is a machine that puts a thin layer of coating material on the outside of the tablet. This is done to hide the drug’s taste, smell, and color.

  • To protect the drug both physically and chemically.
  • To stop drugs that break down when exposed to water (oxygen), light, or humidity.
  • To lessen the sour taste of some drugs, which can happen when the drug partially dissolves in the fluids in the mouth.
  • To make it easier to swallow and taste better by making the surface of the food smoother in the mouth.
  • To look good and be consistent, with a smooth surface and even distribution of color.
  • To stop fakes from being made by adding tracer compounds to the coating material.
  • A dry outer layer of coating material is put on the surface of a dosage form to give it certain advantages over uncoated paper. This is done so that highly potent compounds can be kept in the center of the tablet and not exposed to the people who handle the tablets.

This article talks about how tablet coating machines work and the different kinds of coating machines.

Machines that Coat Tablets and How They Work

Tablet coating machines are easy to understand in terms of how they work. Tablet coating machines work by putting ingredients in a solution on a bed of tablets that may move horizontally or vertically. Solvents are easier to evaporate when heated air moves through the system simultaneously.

Types of Machines that Coat Tablets

Some companies have made their coating machines to fit their coating processes. There are many different kinds of tablet coating machines on the market, but they all work the same way.

  1. Standard coating pan: Pellegrini, immersion sword, and immersion tube systems.
  2. Perforated coating pan: Accela-Cot, Hi-coater systems, Driacoaters & Glatt coaters.
  3. Fluidized bed or air suspension coater: High-pressure airless systems & Low-pressure air atomized systems.

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That is some information about the machines used to make tablets. If you need a machine to make tablets, you can contact ICWN. We are the largest and most trusted supplier of pharmaceutical machines in Indonesia.



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