ICWN Provides Autoclaves Indonesia

The Autoclaves are made to sterilize. We can offer different sterilizations, including regular steam, steam mixed with water, and dry heat. Depending on what’s being sold Depending on the type of sterilization, the volume capacity starts at 150 liters and goes up to 12,000 liters. (Lab scales are also available.)

With such a large capacity, it’s hard to imagine how autoclaves can simultaneously sterilize many medical devices or surgical tools to save time. The temperature range for this sterilizer is 110°C to 135°C. The advantage of selling this sterilization tool is that it has an alarm. The alarm alerts the user through the display, and an error code appears when something goes wrong.

If an error happens, the tool stops working to protect the equipment that is being sterilized. There is also a feature that automatically locks the door, so Autoclaves can’t open it until the sterilization process is done. For more information, here are some of the features that this product.

Autoclaves Features

  • Sterilization temperature of 110°C to 135°C
  • Air vacuum and dryer vacuum
  • Automatic Operating System with Microprocessor PID Controller Program
  • Diagnostic and Safety System
  • Air filtration and cooling system
  • Steam and water generators
  • Automatic Door Lock
  • Complete Security System

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ICWN Provides Autoclaves Indonesia

ICWN Indonesia provides autoclave sales. This brand name is LAST. This is our newest product and the best one for sterilizing medical equipment. If you want to know more about this product, you can look at its full specifications here or come to our showroom in East Jakarta. We accept orders from all over Indonesia, and we can send goods to any part of the country.



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