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The high efficiency coating system we offered here with perforated pan is mainly used inpharmaceutical and food industries. It is a high-efficiency, energy saving, safe and clean equipment for coating tablets, pills and candies with organic film, water soluble film, slow and controlled release film and sugar film etc., which conforms to the requirement of GMP.

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Auto-cater : Data
Max.working volume : 20L
Working capacity based on 1 density kg/batch : 10~20
Speed adjusting range of coating pan (rpm) : 6~30
Prefilter Class : G4
Intermediate filter Class : F8
HEPA Filter Class : H13
Regulating rang of inlet air temperature [C] : Normal temp. to 80
Filtration accuracy of hot air [μm] : 0.5 μm (100000 grade)
Motor power of main machine [kW] : 0.75
Motor power of supply air machine [kW] : 0.75
Motor power of exhaust air machine [kW] : 2.2
Noise of Fan isolated 1 meter by machine : 75dB

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