Various PTFE lining and coating product are available/offered to the customer, such as :

- PTFE Line Pipe and Fitting

- PTFE Non Stick Coating

- Fluoro Polymer Thick Coating

- Fluoro Polymer Coating On Fastener

- Polyurethane, Polymide & Nylon Coating (as optional)

PTFE Lined Pipe Stainless and Carbon steel size from 25 mm (1") to 200 mm (8") nominal bore a standard size available also for large size for special order.

Standard length of 3000 mm (3 meters) & 6000 mm (6 meters).

Also supplied for lining of 90 and 45 degree elbow, tee, reducer, reducing flanges, blind flanges, spacer, dip pipes, sparger and thermocouple.

Benefit advantage of using PTFE Lining & Coating :

- Properties resistance to virtually all chemicals and oxydizing acids & high thermal stability

- Suitable for continous temperature from - 30 celcius up to + 260 celcius

- Non stick and low coefficient of friction

- Excellent for electrical insulating properties.

Typical application for chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic and communicstion, fertilizer, petrochemical, oil and gas exploration and processing, food and beverage defence and space industries.

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