Blister packages remain the packaging option of choice for many, as it preserves the freshness of each tablet, capsule, etc. Our PPL-250B Alu-PVC Blister Packaging Machine features the following:
· Small size, compact structure, high production capacity and efficiency
· Blister formed by positive pressure blow molding and sealed by roller
· Supports the use of a general feeder, general lengthened feeder, capsule reversing feeder, and disc feeder
· No cross-edge scraps to save materials
· Push-stepping mechanism allows for smooth blisters and easy adjustment
· Can put in batch number and perforations
· PLC control and frequency control for a wide range of adjustments and low noise
· Branded electrical components for reliability and steady operations
· Fully-enclosed structure design, with all material in contact with raw materials made of high quality stainless steel
· Meets GMP standards

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Advantage :

  • Balcony-style and modular design complied with GMP, easy to clean and maintain the machine.
  • A full servo control system is used on the machine, consists of six independent servo motor for driving, which achieve the machine smooth running, low noise, rapid format change-over and adjustment.
  • The three-zone contact heating plates allow individual temperature settings to suit any PVC film in use.
  • Wide effective forming area provides the flexible layout for various sizes and shape of the blister.
  • A variety of feeding device can be chosen depending on product to be filled.
  • Cold/heated coding and perforating station with quick coding change-over device.

Specification :

Max output : 600 blisters/min
Max. punching cycles : 150 cuts/min
Max. forming area : 240 x 280 mm
Max. forming depth : 12mm
Max. indexing distance : 240mm
Max. material width : PVCPPPVDC = 280 x (0.25-0.35) mm,  aluminum foil = 280 x 0.02 mm
Air consumption : 450 L/min
Cooling water consumption : 3.2 L/min
Connected load : 20kW
Dimensions : 3000 X 1000 X 1800 mm
Net weight : approx.2800kg

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