The PAP-150/PAP-300 Capsule Polishing and Sorting Machine is a capsule polisher with function of rejecting substandard capsules and excellent sorting function. Not only does it polish capsule, but also automatically reject low weight capsule, loose piece and fragments of capsules, with the following features:
· Eliminates static electricity to reduce capsules from sticking during the bottling process, which may lead to filling inaccuracy
· Automatically rejects low weight capsules, loose pieces, and fragments
· Suitable for all sizes of capsules without the need to change parts
· Adjustable height and angle, adaptable to any type of capsule filling machine
· Able to handle sticky powders
Capacity : Capsules 250000 pcs/hr Power : 180W, 220V, 50Hz Dimension : 930 X 200 X 940mm

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