Multis Hydro MJ130 series were newly designed to make up for the weak point of MJ100 series. Their basic design is same as MJ100 series. Even is precisely fixing the screwed rotor, the life-time of rotary joint is shortened by heavy body that wobbling by high speed happens. In order to make up the weak point, fix the heavy body direcly on the shaft and connect the pipe on the light sleeve. So, we can extend the life-time of rotary joint. This method can secure an excellent performance in high speed of a big-high speed air clutch, brake, etc. This product is standardized from 20A to 50A.

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Fluid : Air, Gas, Water, etc
Max. Pressure : 10 kg/cm2
Max. Temperature : 120 C
Max. Rotating Speed : 20A~25A : 2000 rpm, 32A~50A 1500 rpm

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