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Hepa/Ultra Filter

  • Longer lasting diapgram Specially developed for continuous steaming up to 150℃
  • Compact and light weight to facilitate compact system design and quick sterilisation
  • Automation solutions wide range of automation to fit digital, AS-I and device net systems

Air Shower

  • Superior cleanability double seat design ensures the entire sampling area can be cleaned giving a true sample every time
  • Ensure product safety actuated valve comes with option for proximity sensor ensuring valve is in the correct position
  • Leakage Detection Drain hole safeguards against contamination if membrane ruptures

Fan Filter Unit

  • Lower energy costs Pump housing and impeller design minimises recirculation of pump media and reduces operating costs
  • Long lasting shaft seal Specially designed SIC+ seal for water systems and product applications. To ensure longer life and maximum running time
  • Eliminate potential for biofilm Seal and impeller design ensures turbulent flow and no dead spots in the pump housing


Pass Box

  • A comprehensive range Options on surface finish, rotors, heating jackets, alloys, shaft seals , flow and head pressures ensure the best safest selections
  • Hygienic Design Defined compression O rings ensuring contamination free operation
  • Drainability Vertical ported pump offers full drain ability of product and CIP

Laminar Air Flow Unit

  • Cost Competitive Optimised design and standard features give a quality hygienic pump at competitive price
  • Paint free design Stainless steel gearbox. No pain chips in product area
  • Approved to the highest standards The OptiLobe conforms to a range of international standards including EHEDG, 3A, and FDA

Clean Booth

  • The premium pharmaceutical pump 14 models made to suit the most critical pharmaceutical applications. Options on surface finish, sealing and full certification
  • No product entrapment Front cover seal with zero crevice design ensures zero product entrapment
  • Low NPSH requirements Multi lobe design facilitates low NPSH requirements



  • 100% Levitated Impeller Zero friction between bearing surfaces means mixer can run dry with no risk of damage
  • Gentle product treatment Impeller design and levitation allows gentle product mixing down to 10 rpm

Clean Partition for Hospital

  • Low installation costs Combines pump and mixing functions into one unit
  • Reduced energy costs HPM reduces the need for up to 3 electric motors compared to standard mixing system
  • Faster efficient mixing TThree stage mixing through Injector rotor and pump Impeller

Glove Box

  • Fight rouging New Peek material ball and rotating spray action eliminates risk of rouge in your water tanks
  • Easy to validate Comes with Q-Doc and can be configured to comply with EHEDG, FDA and 3A standards
  • Wear free design CIP pressure lifts the Peek head resulting in minimal friction and wear


Disinfection Transfer Hatch

  • Faster reliable cleaning trong impact jets ensures impingement cleaning in the most difficult tank designs
  • Reduced Costs Lower flow and faster cleaning times ensures reduced downtime and lower chemical water usage
  • Self draining and self cleaning The Sanijet range is designed for self cleaning and full drain ability