• Automation Machinery
• Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Supplies and Services

Business Focus

• Mechanical and Electrical Process Design, Construction, Validation and Maintenance Project

• Process Water and Waste Water Treatment Design, Construction, Validation and Maintenance Project


What We Do :

  • We act as a support for our customer to process, heat, cool, separate, transport and package their highly valued products in hygienic conditions.
  • We provide sanitary tailored solution from pre-production/pre-processing level into production/processing level up to post-production / post-processing level.
  • We deliver our products and services in all aspects of a project from initial concepts, schematic and final design continuing through to the end of construction and validation

Our Business Focus :

  • Automation Machinery
  • Automation Process Piping System
  • Water Treatment Process
  • Process Engineering Design, Construction, Validation and Maintenance Project

Supplies and Services :

No. Brand Products Category Notable Product List Logo
1 Alfa Laval
Origin: Sweden
Sanitary System and Equipment Sanitary Heat Exchangers
Sanitary Separators
Sanitary Pumps
Sanitary Valves
Mixing System Solution
Sanitary Tank Accessories
Sanitary Fittings
2 Last Technology
Origin : Italy
Pharmaceutical Process Equipment Closure Processing Equipment
Dry Heat Sterilizers
Glassware Washers
Laboratory Steam Autoclave
Regular Steam Autoclave
Terminal Sterilizers
Tray Dryer
Utensil & Container Washers
3 Pharmaland Technologies
Origin : Italy
Pharmaceutical Process Equipment Softgel Encapsulation Solution
Capsule Filling Solution
4 Tecnomaco Italia
Origin : Italy
Pharmaceutical Process and Packaging Solution Counting Solution
Bottle Filling and Capping Solution
Blister Solution
Tube Filling Solution
5 D. I-Dositecno
Origin : Spain
Pharmaceutical Sterile Filling Solution Injectable (Vial, Syringe)
Complete Filling Line and Ophthalmic (Eye Drop, Screw Capping)
6 Bionet
Origin : Spain
Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing Solution Bioreactor
Cross-Flow Filtration
7 Veolia
Origin : France
Water Treatment System Purified Water Generation System
Pure Steam Generation System
Water For Injection Generation System
Waste Water System


  • Sanitary Product Piping Automation Transfer (Heating-Cooling-High Viscosity)
  • Sanitary Mechanical Equipment Fabrication (Single Jacket Tank, Double Jacket Tank, Vacuum Tank, Food Crusher etc.)
  • Sanitary CIP & SIP System Builder