• Automation Machinery
• Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Supplies and Services

Business Focus

• Mechanical and Electrical Process Design, Construction, Validation and Maintenance Project

• Process Water and Waste Water Treatment Design, Construction, Validation and Maintenance Project


What We Do :

  • We act as a support for our customer to improve and maintain their industrial plan activities.
  • We deliver our products and services for Pulp & Paper mills industrial process.

Our Business Focus :

  • Mechanical Electrical Equipment Supplies and Servies
  • Mechanical Electrical Project Installation and Maintenance

Equipment Supplies and Servies :

No. Brand Products Category Notable Product List Logo
1 Unity
Origin: Indonesia
ICWN Trademark Brand
Mechanical Accessories & Equipment Custom Mechanical Seal
Expansion Joint


  • Mechanical Seal Refurbishment
  • Gearbox & Shaft Maintenance
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Alignment Monitoring & Service
  • Intermediate – Major Overhaul Project Maintenance Service